Syn - Vocals Mike P - Guitar, Programming Little Pig - Drums Dan Miller - Keyboards B Nestor - Bass Guitar

What is - Zug Island?

From the bubbling cesspool of hazardous waste that engulfs the city of Detroit, sickening its residents and radiating the rodents, comes a new rock band ready to infect the ears of a new generation: Zug Izland. Inspired by the industrial waste dump after which they are named, Psychopathic Records recording artists Zug Izland can best be described as toxic rock, with a dirty sound emerged from the filth of the city from which they came.

The band's lead single, "Fire", has become a huge hit in their hometown of Detroit, moving quickly from a song receiving only light rotation on WRIF to a smash hit that is steadily getting more and more people wondering about Zug Izland. This band is just in the beginning stages, and their future is glowing so bright that they have to wear radiation suits.

The lyrics are an intoxicating blend of hyper-realism (as demonstrated on "Prison Song") and an exploration of imperfect human morality brought forth through the imagery of a pure fantasy. This is exemplified by this sample of the song "The River":

Lift on up, glide across the forest Turn right, find stones of solid gold Power, you alone can feed a dragon Just forget not, all that you've been told I shall never, drink it from the river I shall never, drink it from this hole

Songs like "Prison Song", however, offer quite a different view, bringing a first person perspective to a disturbing end to a troubled relationship:

I'm not here tryin' to make amends Turn back time and I'd kill her again It's what I call justifiable sin Cock the hammer back And I put two in

Each song is a display in poetic genius, giving everyone something to which they can relate.

The band is made up of a hungry group of experienced musicians, each lending their own unique talent and sound to create a cohesive mix rarely heard in rock music. The lead singer, Syn, is an unpredictable stage presence, one moment putting his whole heart into carrying forth the band's vocal melodies, the next he is throwing himself around the stage with utter disregard for his own physical safety, demonstrating his punk rock intensity. Mike P, guitarist, is the musical mastermind behind Zug Izland. He is responsible for much of the production of the upcoming album. He is also the one tearing up the amps with his killer guitar at the live shows. Little Pig, drums, is known to leave his drum kit smashed down to splinters after a show. It is his sound that gets the audience into their usual frenzy. B Nester, replacing former member Guido Milligan on bass, is coming into his own with a fast and furious pace with that bass in your face. Dan Miller, keyboards, creates a dreamlike background of electronic sounds that makes this band such an original mix of intensity and melody.

Straight out of the toxic waste dump to a venue near you, Zug Izland is sure to earn many fans with their stage performances. Their first single, "Fire", is in stores now and ready to burn up the charts. Expect some big things to be happening with this dynamic pack of madmen from Detroit!

Source: http://www.zugizland.com/band.html