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Escort take your time to crawl into a life so low

Slut you're still the same but you work too hard to take no blame

And we all know you'll never change

So why don't you just play the game


Don't try to think up some excuse or try to recreate the truth

Loser it's your bad life story. Loser what are you gonna do

Loser you take scum for glory but in the end the slut gets you

Playing top man all the time while in real life you fall behind

And in your mind you know the story no one tells you what to do

And you don't take shit from nobody

Wasting time doin lines, wasting money


Safety sex means you can come if you're using condoms all the time

You think you've got the answers to all the questions

But behind that face is an empty mind

And we all know that life's a game and sluts are worthless weak and lame


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