This is a letter from Pete Monstwillo

Hey whats up?? i'm pete monstwillo i was the vocalist on MIND OVER SPLATTER i have been working on alot of original music ever since i left the band. i have about 10-13 originals written,& cheaply recorded,& i,m looking for a band or other musicains to work with me on this. some of the song titles are MONSTER,READY FOR THE STORM,CRASH&BURN,DEATH MACHINE,HIDING THE PAIN,BLOW IT ALL TO HELL,CHAOS,RANT,T.R.F,etc. if you would like to put this info on your web site, that would be o.k. with me, also if you can put me in touch with any ex members of zoetrope i would love to hear from you to contact me either call PETE at 815-468-7715 or you can email me at monstwillo@hotmail.com thanks!!