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Release date: 1. November 2000

Album: Have a zididada day

Give me one, give me two reasons why I should give a damn about you

we were good, yeah - we were great like that fire we will burn, we will not fade


did I make you smile - was it worth your while could it be another mistake - believe me now


I don't care oh no cause I need you so I don't wanna leave you baby don't want you to go

we were good oh yeah let me take you there baby let me hold you forever again

I hope you see the truth in me whatever they may say I will disagree

Stop! don't give in lovin' you eternally can't be no sin



I will love you from here to heaven UUU another galaxy I don't know

I can't live without you I'll give up the world for you I'm askin' you to stay


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