You're a Good Man Charlie Brown movie

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown movie - The Kite

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Little more speed, little more rope,<br>

Little more wind, little more hope,<br>

Gotta get this stupid kite to fly.<br>

Gotta make sure it doesn't snag<br>

Doesn't droop, doesn't drag<br>

Gotta watch out for ev'ry little- whoops!<br>


Little less speed, little more tack,<br>

Little less rise, little more slack,<br>

Gotta keep my wits about me now.<br>

Gotta make sure it doesn't get the nest of me<br>

Till I get it in the air somehow.<br>


Millions of little kids do it ev'ry day<br>

They make a kite and-"poof"- it's in the sky.<br>

Leave it to me to have the one fool kite<br>

Who likes to see a little kid cry.<br>


Little less talk, little more skill,<br>

Little less luck, little more will,<br>

Gotta face this fella eye to eye.<br>

Now that I've seen you chasing moles,<br>

Climbing trees, digging holes,<br>

Catching your string on everything passing by<br>

Why not fly?<br>


Wait a minute,<br>

What's it doing?<br>

It isn't on the ground.<br>

It isn't in a tree.<br>

It's in the air!<br>

Looat at that.<br>

It's caught the breeze now,<br>

It's past the trees now<br>

With room to spare...<br>



What a beautiful sight.<br>

And I'm not such a clumsy guy.<br>

If I really try<br>

I can really <br>

Fly a ki-<br>


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