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Hey what's happenin' baby

What's your name girl?


Oh yeah, my friends call you Cuervo

You alright with me baby... fo' real


now let me tell you about this girl Tequila

she was born in eighteen hundred

she makes me feel real woozy

sometimes sick to my stomach (ohhh)

but I love this girl Tequila

one shot of her love, it's over

she takes all my money

and all I want to do is hold her....Tequila

my Mexican lover

[Verse 1]

I cannot forget her, my Mexican lover

with that and its strong, can mix her up with no other

her name Tequila, we met in October

I hit her all the time, I can't sleep on your sofa

one hit and it's over, the girl's addictive

we stay at the bar cuz she ain't that expensive

don't give me no problems when I'm with her

nice brown tone, she got me slither

my girl tequila, a jump me you say so

I'll serve you what ever you pay for

her nickname Quevo, eighteen honda

she got you woozy, got you sick to the stomach

the girl's a club hoe, a two shine dub hoe

not far from a drug hoe, get your back by the PO-PO

you're fuckin' with quevo, the girls a killer

I'll have you at the bar takin' shots of Tequila

my Mexican lover..


[Verse 2]

see I'm so true pursuing, straight getting right to it

on late nights we get tight, in ways I can't refuse it

like cupids, we undisputed, and together ruthless

and all the other hoes feelin' low, lookin' stupid

thought we was, we was two of a kinda cuttin'a rug

in back of the club, two of the most dangerous thugs

soakin' up your brain, driving you insane

and leaving you to lay on your back constrained

with no complaint, she's off the chain like no other

my Mexican lover, the only one on my covers

like hustlers, she got me tipsy shes got me voo-doo

and damn near foolish and one more gonna have me coo-coo

and kicked up 'til I'm tore up now what's the hold up

it's on now we back up on it, just as we post up

slither at the bar damn drunk to the world

burnin' down the club callin' on your boy Earl

[Chorus] - 2X

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