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It ain't a thang in this world thats gonna knock me off my feet<br>As I unleash total chaos into the streets<br>For I observe these dirty words whispering' through your mouth<br>So I now I take it you the big dog about the south<br>Oh really now, though whose to say that we won't never make it<br>Or even get the chance to tell the world just how we made it<br>Cause know that we gonna keep it crunk, no matter what<br>Now who the fuck, just al nut, it's a must for you to get crushed<br>So don't rush to get dat' change<br>You'd besta wake on up and take a look inside this frame<br>For everything ain't everything when times are gettin' rough<br>To pressure is your conscience in this game you callin' bluff<br>Now nigga what, yeah<br><br>Oh, a lot of hatin' went on doing this thang here<br>Folks just swore we wasn't finna' put it down for the a-town<br>You know what I'm saying? I ain't gotta call no names<br>Cause you know who you are<br>You know what I'm sayin'<br>All I got to say to all of y'all is...<br>You can't keep nobody from the attic down<br>Know what I'm sayin', and thats on the floor<br><br>Yea, it's me, remember me from back in the day<br>The same ol' nigga you thought wouldn't get paid<br>Look at me now nigga, shit done changed<br>Ain't no mo' gettin' wet in the rain<br>Hennessey and dank to kill all my pain<br>Sho' nuff' you can hear, but you can't feel me man<br>And it's a damn shame, we go through what we do<br>Playa hatin' while I'm chillin' on the avenue<br>Can't hold no nigga down from the attic crew<br>Thats for trill on the blow, straight from me to you<br>Better listen up now, cause ain't no tellin' what's next<br>The dem' between real and the ones that flex<br>All in your face grinnin' when you cash that check<br>But when they get down and dirty it's like fuck dat' bitch<br>Ass nigga, so how you figga' I was wrong<br>Got a baby, and a crib to keep clothes on<br>Long time ago, way before the grind<br>Trouble had become a friend of mine<br>You off up in my head, it's just a matter of time<br>Before I rip shit apart and let sean paul shine<br>Like dem' folks open face off in yo' grill<br>I ain't tryin' to be greedy, I'm just tryin' to live<br>Now that the picture clear, and you know what I mean<br>Being broke all again slick it's just a dream

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