YOKO ONO - Coffin Car

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Coffin car, she's riding a coffin car.<br>People watching her with tender eyes,<br>Friends whispering in kindly words,<br>Children running, waving hands,<br>Telling each other, how pretty she is.<br><br>Coffin car, she likes to ride a coffin car.<br>Friends making ways for the first time,<br>People throwing kisses for the first time,<br>Showering flowers, ringing bells,<br>Telling each other, how nice she is.<br><br>Coffin car, she's riding a coffin car.<br>Wives showing tears for the first time,<br>Husband taking their hats off for the first time,<br>Crushing their handkerchiefs, rubbing their nose,<br>Telling each other, how good she is.<br><br>Half the world is dead anyway,<br>The other half is asleep.<br>And life is killing her,<br>Telling her to join the dead.<br><br>So ev'ry day, she likes to ride a coffin car,<br>A flower covered coffin car,<br>Pretending she was dead.

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