YOKO ONO - Catman

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Catman, you're looking cool today,<br>We say, catman, umm, catman, umm.<br>My name is rosy and my hangs on you,<br>Catman, umm, catman.<br>So keep your high-heel boots and your knee-high mind,<br>Come up to my pad and see my work,<br>Go for a meal and hear my joke,<br>Or get in a bag and take a poke,<br>But don't be too clever or we'll kick your fillies in.<br><br>Look out, look out,<br>The rosies are coming to town.<br>Look out, catman, look out, catman,<br>The rosies are flashing along.<br><br>Catman, we feel a fool today,<br>I say, catman, umm, catman, umm.<br>My name is rosy and my wangs on you,<br>Catman, umm, catman.<br>So leave your well polished tail and your uptight suit,<br>Show us some funnies that are better than daddies,<br>Or bake us some cakes that are better than mommies,<br>Or give us your witties that are trapped in your willies,<br>But don't be too clever or we'll scratch your goodies out.<br><br>Watch out, watch out,<br>The rosies are riding the town.<br>Watch out, catman, watch out, catman,<br>The rosies are slashing about.<br><br>Catman, shining your tools today,<br>They say, catman, umm, catman, umm.<br>My name is rosy and my fangs on you,<br>Catman, umm, catman.<br>So save your thigh high thoughts and your banana skin,<br>We'll burn your pansies and give you a bug,<br>We'll squeeze your lemon and give you a mug,<br>We'll cut your daisies and give you a slug,<br>And don't be too clever or we'll blow your sillies off.<br><br>Keep out, keep out,<br>The rosies are passing the town.<br>Keep out, catman, keep out, catman,<br>The rosies are bashing around.<br><br>Coochy coochy coo, bunny bunny boo, patti patti poo,<br>Catman! catman! where are you? <br><br>Don't be a prune, catman, give us all you've got.<br>Your blueberry eyes and your evergreen lies.<br>'cause after all, by this fall you might grow too old,<br>And you can't ask your mommy to use an old fruity in her pie.<br><br>Patter cake, patter cake, baker's man,<br>Bake me a cake as slow as you can.<br>Pat it, and prick it, and mark it with 'o'<br>And put it in the oven for me and my mo.<br><br>Batter cake, batter cake, baker's girl,<br>Fake me a cake as fast as you curl.<br>Bat it, and whip it, and mark it with blood<br>And throw it in the oven with trickles and mud.<br><br>Wetter cake, wetter cake, baker's boy,<br>Make me a cake that's sweet as your toy.<br>Wet it, and slick it, and mark it with 'p'<br>And leave it in the oven for lizzie and me.<br><br>Catman! catman!<br>Hey, dumballs, get me a pair of rubber dolls, will you!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br><br>Man -<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!<br>Catman!

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