YOKO ONO - Be My Baby

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Uh,<br>Ow!<br>Yeah.<br><br>The night we met I knew I needed you so,<br>And if I had the chance I never let you go.<br>So won't you say you love me,<br>I'll make you so proud of me,<br>We'll make them turn their heads ev'ry place we go.<br><br>So won't you, please, (be my, be my baby)<br>Be my little baby, (my one and only, baby)<br>Say you'll be my darling, (be my, be my baby)<br>Be my baby now, (my one and only, baby)<br>Oh, oh, oh.<br><br>Come on, baby,<br>Do it nice!<br>Slow!<br>That's right!<br><br>Ow!<br>So knocking, it's...<br>It's damned!<br><br>Ow!<br>Hey!<br>Oh!<br>It's too much!<br>I don't know.<br><br>Ow!<br>Yeah!<br>Ow!<br>Uh!<br>Oh, now, baby, baby, baby.<br><br>And since the day I saw you,<br>You know I was waiting for you,<br>And you know I'm gonna adore you till eternity, yeh!<br><br>Oh, baby, (be my, be my baby)<br>Bay, baby, baby, baby, babe, (my one and only, baby)<br>Come on, baby, be mine, (be my, be my baby)<br>Oh, please, please, my only one. (my one and only, baby)<br><br>Won't you please, (be my, be my baby)<br>Oh yeah, (my one and only, baby)<br>Be my baby, (be my, be my baby)<br>I mean it, darling! (my one and only, baby)

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