YOKO ONO - Attica State

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-it is my pleasure and privilige at this very solumn moment to introduce a young man and his wife.<br>Who saw fit to put down in music and lyrics so that it will never be forgotten in our country, by anyone, the tragedy of attica state.<br>There's no more that I can say, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce you to john and yoko lennon.<br><br>-I'd just like to say, it's an honour and a pleasure to be here at the apollo and for the reasons we're all here.<br>This song, yoko and I wrote, is called 'attica state'<br><br>One, two, three, four!<br><br>What a waste of human power,<br>What a waste of human lives.<br>Shoot the pris'ners in the towers,<br>Forty-three poor widowed wives.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We're all mates with attica state.<br><br>Media blames it on the pris'ners,<br>But the pris'ners did not kill.<br>Rockefeller pulled the trigger,<br>That is what the people feel.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We're all mates with attica state.<br><br>Free the pris'ners, jail the judges,<br>Free all pris'ners ev'rywhere.<br>All they need is truth and justice,<br>All the want is love and care.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We're all mates with attica state.<br><br>They all live in suffocation,<br>Let's not watch them die in sorrow.<br>Now's the time for revolution,<br>Give them all a chance to grow.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We're all mates with attica state.<br><br>Come together, join the movement,<br>Take a stand for human rights.<br>Fear and hatred clouds our judgement,<br>Free us all from endless night.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We're all mates with attica state.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>We all live in attica state.<br><br>Attica state, attica state,<br>Attica, attica, attica state.<br><br>-thank you, aah, thank you, thank you, aah,. some of you, eh, wonder what I'm doinh here with no drummers and no nothin' like that.<br>Well, you might know I lost my me old band, or I left it. I'm puttin' a, I'm puttin' an elecric band together, it's not ready yet.<br>Ah, things like this keep comin' up so, I just have to busk it. so I'm gonna sing you a song now you might know<br>It's called 'imagine'

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