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Yo Gotti - Tell Me lyrics

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Ft. Fetty Wap


Ya baby, ooh, ooh Gotti, fit it

Yeah baby , ay, ay


If I pick you up, will you want to go, tell me

Anywhere you want, I can take you there, let me

Show you round my way, baby I'm the man, if they

Tell you it's a lie, tell 'em take the stand, baby

Anywhere you want, baby we can go, let's go

Tell me what you roll, baby we can blow, let's smoke

He say he get all but we know we don't, his cash low

Might be who I want if you can catch em all baby

(Verse )

Figure she a trap queen, I let her count the money

She gonna hold me down, so I trust her with the homies

Military, got it, bitch I keep that fallen army

Plug talk Tony, I try every homie

Lamborghini Door, lately with the Rolls, well, well

I got all the jay 'fore they hit the streets

Bitches fall in love, I fall out of love, quickly

Nigga wanna hate, why they wanna hate, miss you



I give you the world when you wanna go tell me

Screaming fuck the judge, I'd never sneak jail me

I got pounds of loud, when I'm walkin', you can smell me

Do it for the hood so it ain't nuthin they could tell me

Forty on my hip, please don't let my forty fail me

My girl she a trip, she be screamin out “She near me!”

My girl she a gangster, only fuck with gangsters

We got something in common, we both keep them bangers

(Hook x 2)

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