Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti - Smilin' Faces

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They’re smiling in your face, all the time, they wanna take your place.

Fake as executives, trying to take care of my relatives

‘cause I’m here on my ground and they won’t play ball with me,

Then I drug and they say, then they start call for me.


These meeting is gonna set up your family to the rest of your life. Mister Gotti, we’re looking forward to doing anything with you in the future.

But there’s many streets and I’m locked in,

Critics saying I’m boxed in,

Fuck all commercial, I let the flat in,

I never change, I got bloxxed in.

Hip hop, you need a flip flop, best albums, night grams,

Whatever how you do it, it’s all whip,

Was not so more win?

What a real niggers, what real gangs,

Who staying for something, I hear they’re heading for something.

Told you that won’t find me strong, niggers thought I was playing or something.

They’re smiling in your face,

They’re smiling in your face.

They’re smiling in your face,

They’re smiling in your face.<br />

<br />

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