Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti - Oh Well

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I really don't give a shit all the time

I just don't get it, nahwimsayn?

Meek learned the game from me


I'm the one that gave you bow

I got nothin' to laugh out

Gamblin' in these streets

Till you fuck around then crap out

Gave 'em real shit, told 'em real shit

Got personal in 'em verses, they say the truth won't hurt ya

Oh well, oh well

(Verse 2)

The kids in the hood, they looked up to a nigga

I know that swervy moment, daddy cooked up with a nigga

Big brother shot on pistols and got booked up with a nigga

Real niggas do real things, who bumpin' jigga fo'real

They jigga fo'real

Long 1 long 2 and long 3

I hope my young'ns kill well, but kill mean

I went to coppin' in the guinea shit fo' free

Got the print, pop the xans, then the OD

Went 'gainst the hood, fell out with the OGs

Till I did all of the structure

Bout some shit I didn't believe

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