Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti - 5 Star Chick (Remix)

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Ft. Gucci Mane, Trina, & Nicki Minaj<br />

<br />

Cheaaa<br />

Ay you kno I'm lookin 4 a 5 star bitch talkin bout (bur)<br />

I'm talkin home girl be lookin like she jus stepped out a magazine<br />

I'm talkin niggaz I'm gon be somethin serious<br />

<br />

(Gucci Mane)<br />

Gotti here go twelve bars<br />

Gucci mane got 9 cars<br />

We dnt call em dimes no more<br />

09' we call em 5 stars<br />

I'm a 5 star nigga, dis a 5 star clique<br />

Dats a 645, dis dat new m6<br />

Pay ha bills get ha hair fixed<br />

Might even pay ha rent<br />

And da way she give it to me<br />

Best money I eva spent<br />

I can't even lie (why)<br />

I'm so supa high (high)<br />

Do not need her, will not keep her<br />

Unless she is A 5<br />

Gucci manes a thug b, ya man is a scrub see<br />

She loves me now, she loves you not<br />

Yea all me bitches love me<br />

And if you in atlanta<br />

Look up gucci gurl and beep me<br />

And we cand find a 5 star hotel you can meet me<br />

<br />

(Chorus)<br />

Dats a 5 star chick (3x)<br />

Man dats a 5 star chick, if yo credit score high<br />

Feet and nails stay fly, keep ya juice box wet<br />

Nd ya head sum'n fine<br />

You a five star chick (4x)<br />

I want a five star chick<br />

I need a 5 star chick<br />

I need a 5 star chick<br />

I want a five star chick<br />

<br />

(Yo Gotti)<br />

It's ya boy yo gotti, I do grade A shit<br />

I'm da realist nigga walkin<br />

And dis da remix, and still I'm out here lookin<br />

4 a 5 star chick<br />

When I catch ha, ima bless ha<br />

Wit a 5 star kiss<br />

She a natural born hustla<br />

She aint chasin no suckas<br />

On a mission for a real nigga<br />

She aint neva fucked a busta<br />

So ya cars nd ya jewlery dat she really dnt excite<br />

And all dem hatin ass hoes in da club wanna fite ha<br />

She was born in da "A", went to school in DC<br />

Gotta job in Dallas Texas, then moved to tennessee<br />

If you aint a 5 star, need to go ahead and face it<br />

Fake gucci fake louie, shawty dat'll make you basic<br />

<br />

(Chorus)<br />

Dat aint a 5 star chick<br />

It aint a 5 star chick (3x)<br />

<br />

(Trina)<br />

See I'm a 5 star bitch<br />

Cause I aint dat otha bitch<br />

She been stugglin for hers<br />

From da womb I been rich<br />

I aint gotta talk about da money and da shoe game<br />

All you gotta do is Google trina<br />

See da proof name?<br />

Cause aint nun of dese hoes, doin shows in the recession<br />

Dey cards get declined, now dey sufferin a depression<br />

While I'm spendin mills, signin all kinda deals<br />

I'm a 5 star bitch, eating 5 star meals<br />

My whole life style like comin to America<br />

All my Louie luggage<br />

You see my bag? how I carry her<br />

Walkin through the airport<br />

Like I'm in a parade on my hologram<br />

Loggin on to e-Trade<br />

<br />

(Chorus)<br />

Dats a 5 star chick (4x)<br />

If yo credit score high, feet and nails stay fly<br />

Keep ya juice box wet, nd ya head sum'n fine<br />

You a five star chick (4x)<br />

I want a five star chick<br />

I need a 5 star chick<br />

I need a 5 star chick<br />

I want a five star chick<br />

<br />

(Nicki Minaj)<br />

I just had a epiphany, I need to go to Tiffany's<br />

Fendi on my slippers, and my cookies always slippery<br />

I don't need help, I pay da bills on time<br />

So I be yellin fuck em, when the deal don't sign, bye bye little mama, you a 3 star<br />

I aint sleepin when I say I'm in my dream car<br />

Oh did I stutta, Harajuku hyphen, <br />

Barbie<br />

I'm hot I think it's time to put the rice in<br />

I was in the chair, I was gluing my weave in<br />

When you hit the stage<br />

They was booin and leavin<br />

Young money red flag, no more auditions<br />

Ask Lil Wayne who da 5 star bitch is! <br />

<br />

(Chorus)<br />

Dats a 5 star chick (3x)<br />

Now dats a 5 star chick

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