YES BOSS movie

Combining their influences of indie rock, techno, and hip-hop, Yes Boss stormed Britain's dance/garage underground with a string of vinyl singles in 2006. Based in Leeds, England, the tag team of vocalist/rapper Noah (born Noah Brown) and electro beat-maker Gavron (born Gavin Lawson) received a lot more airplay on radio and in notable dance clubs than typical indie artists, thanks to the help of their label, Dance to the Radio. Noah's sharp wit, stinging sarcasm, and love for horror movies produced singles like "Indie Kids" and "Tongues in Knots," which featured labelmate and ¬°Forward, Russia! frontman Tom Woodhead; the latter entered BBC's Top 30 for independent singles in 2006. The growing notoriety helped build momentum for their debut album, Look Busy, which arrived the following year. Cyril Cordor, Rovi