Xymox - Undermined

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One hundred million times I said it to you

There's nothing else I will do for you

How many times do you have to hear from me

There's nothing you can do to keep me here

All violations and degradations

All confrontations are decimating

I feel so sick inside, I feel so undermined

You hold me to the edge of a knife

You make me suffer inside

Your tone of voice seems amplified

You think I'll succumb to all of your lies

One hundred million times I tasted deceit

And no one cares but for one other release

Not one insight of me, not one can make you see

Not one can make you bleed, not hundred silence you

Carry on the lean machine, carry on your lean machine

I carry on with my big dream

Like the stowaway no one's seen

I feel so undermined, I feel so sick inside

And I am misunderstood for times

No one seems to realize

That I'll get what I want and I got what I wanted to do

And I get what I want to do

And I get what I want them to do

No one destroys my dream

No one will destroy my dream

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