Xymox was founded in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 1983 by Ronny Moorings and Anke Wolbert. In 1984, after moving to Amsterdam they released domestically on their own label 'SUBSEQUENT PLEASURES'. Only 500 copies were made available ever.

It's a roughly recorded mini-album, recorded and mixed at home on a portable four-track recorder.

One of the songs "Moscovite Musquito' was later in 1987 re-recorded for the compilation album 'Lonely is an Eyesore' on the London based 4AD label.
'SUBSEQUENT PLEASURES' has deliberately not been available for the last ten years because XYMOX always viewed this album as a 'Youth Sin', an 'Experiment', a 'Learning Process' as XYMOX did not really master any specific instruments at the time.

Later in 1984 XYMOX were joined by Pieter Nooten, a new demo was recorded, this time on an eight-track recorder in a small studio called 'Octopus'.

After a chance meeting with and subsequent support to 'Dead Can Dance' XYMOX approached 4AD and became this label's first new signing since 'Dead Can Dance', for two years... (this version of 'Subsequent Pleasures' was released in 1994 on Pseudonum Records in Holland)