Xymox - The Story Ends

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Nothing feels right today

All what's left is nothing left to say

Each word seems so cold

And all stories seem told

How did it come this far ?

Is this the waythe way things are ?

Here's where the story fails

How did it come this far ?

Here's where the picture pales

Is this the way things are ?

NoI've never found the place

To charm your chillto wrap you in

Whatever the books may say

You get only what's on your way

Beyond our words we crave for more

Another roadanother open door

Here is where my life begins

Leaving this world of sense

Here is where fiction begins

Here is where nothing stands.........still

When silence comes inand creeps underneath the skin

If the lost word is lost and the spent word is spent

This is the timethis is the place where the story ends

Where the story ends

Where the story ends

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