Xymox - Muscoviet Musquito

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I must write a letter to you

I must make myself clear

It is spot on timeright on cue

I am a clamsomebody said to me

It's obscenethere must be a motive behind

It's obscure. there must be someone behind

A muscovite mosquitoa muscovite mosquito

A muscovite mosquitoa muscovite mosquito

A vivid image anyway

Someone saidyou're a clam

Consider this !

Mmmlisten ohlisten to meyou're far

A thousand miles away from here

I am hereI am here in this ooze through country

Trampled down by mega people

A dispute will never end

A retrospectionit sounds obscene

A disconnection

A final balance sheet for muscovite mosquito

For muscovite mosquito

For muscovite mosquitoit sound obscene

It sound so obscurefor muscovite mosquito

My final balance sheet is gone...... for

Muscovite mosquitomuscovite mosquito

It's spot on timeright on cue

You missed the chancesomebody vexedly said

It's obscenethere must be motives behind

It's obscurethere must be someone behind

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