Xymox - Louise

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It seemed a long time ago


I'll always remember that day

I crawled on my knees

Begging you to stay

You made me shiver louise

You made me quiver

Now I do the strangest things

I think such lonely thoughts

Forgetting all

Just forgetting you


Anything at all

Not to think of you

Anything at all

Don't deny it is not true


I feel I am getting weaker

A life blue on gloomy waves

I feel I am diving deeper

Into the darkest caves

There's nothing at all

To find a way

Louise louise louise

My heart used to beat

Now it only weeps

Louise louise louise

Uncared the city sleeps

I am twisted in the streets

I am shivering

Into the strangest things

Lonely thoughts and forgetting you louise

And you promised me

You told me

You told me empty lies

Louise louise louise

( my only cord is not to adoreI have to sayit is my only way )

Louise leave meleave me

No longer interfere



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