Xymox - Falling Down

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I want to tell youI guess it's time

The way I acted was out of line

I have to calm myself once again

It's getting laterI'm losing time

I want to give you the reason why

It's the only thing on my mind

I want to tell you

I want to explain

I want to tell youit won't happen again

I've got tearsI've got years in my eyes

Someday we all fall downsomeday we all fall down


You mean the world to meit crossed my mind

The days of knowing youyou've been too kind

You cast your pearls in front of me

Guilt is complexwhen I face the facts

My naked indifferenceI torn off heads

I never wanted these kind of debts

You've tried so hard to reach my core

Truth taste strange when I explore

I trip myself up when I try

Every nail is in it's place I cried...

I give in to sin too soon

Someday we all fall down


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