Xymox - Crucified

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You have changedor were you always the same?

I give you upit's time to stop

Nothing moves at allit's like a sudden death

All these forgotten years are never coming back

The damage is doneit's all over now

So don't complaindon't mention it again

Is it you or is it mewho can't see?

It's way above our headswe're up a tree

There's too much confusionyou leave me no choice

If I wanted anything from you

I would put a halt to it all

The path you chose is full of thorns

A one way street where no one goes

So now you crucify mebut why should I do the same?

For I promised nothingit's all in vain

You have too much illusionsyou want to be in control

And if I promised you anything in life is to keep an open mind to it all

Say what you want of me and I say what I want of you

I won't leave it up to anything

Maybe I am cruel to be kindkind

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