XX Teens

XX Teens, formerly Xerox Teens are a five-piece band from London. They began performing in London in 2004 and since then have released six singles and an EP. Their debut album Welcome To Goon Island was released on 28 June 2008 on Mute Records. It includes the songs "Onkawara/B-54", "Darlin'", "The Way We Were", "Only You" and other songs from previous releases. The album was recorded with Ross Orton. In April 2007 the group were on the cover of ArtRocker magazine.

The song "Darlin'" from the album Welcome To Goon Island was included in "NME's Tracks Of The Year 2007".

At Underage Festival 2008 the band invited political activist Brian Haw onstange after their performance to talk to the crowd about his anti-war protests.

They are signed to Mute for recordings, and have a deal with Sentric Music for publishing, although the band have not released anything under the name XX Teens since the latter half of 2008, they continue to releases tracks under a wide range of aliases and writing contributions include top ten hits such as 'Like A G6' as well as the more traditional 'indie' end of the spectrum with "The Devil's Orchard'.