Xutos & Pontapés

Xutos & Pontapés are a Portuguese rock band, who got together in Almada, Portugal in 1978, 4 years after the Carnation Revolution. They started off in the local punk rock scene and set the trend - singing rock tunes in Portuguese. After 3 decades of studio and live albums, Xutos & Pontapés continue to be considered Portugal's top rock band influencing new generations of Portuguese bands.

In 2004 the band was awarded a state decoration by Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio, for 25 years of career achievements in the music industry. On 26 September 2009 they played to a packed football stadium, Estadio do Restelo, to commemorate their 30th anniversary. They played for 3 hours - each hour marking a decade of their steadily successful career. It was the first time 7 screens were used on stage in Portugal.

Current members are most of the original line up Tim (bass/vocals), Zé Pedro (guitar), João Cabeleira (guitar - since '83), Kalú (drums) and Gui (sax). Fans refer to the band as Xutos; and Xutos is pronounced 'shootoosh'. Both 'xutos' and 'pontapés' are words in reference to two types of kicks ('xutos' for kicks in a ball, and 'pontapés' for kicks in the shin).

78/82 (1982)
Cerco (1985)
Circo De Feras (1987)
88 (1988)
Ao Vivo (1988)
Gritos Mudos (1990)
Dizer Não De Vez (1992)
Direito Ao Deserto (1993)
Ao Vivo Na Antena 3 (1995)
Dados Viciados (1997)
Tentação (Movie Soundtrack) (1998)
Vida Malvada (2000)
1º De Agosto No Rock Rendez-Vous (2000)
XIII (2001)
Sei Onde Tu Estás - Ao Vivo 2001 (2002)
Nesta Cidade (2003)
Mundo Ao Contrário (2004)
Ao Vivo no Pavilhão Atlântico (2005, DVD and Double Album)
Xutos & Pontapés (2009)