XTC - Respectable Street

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Heard the neighbour slam his car door

don't he realise this is respectable street

What d'you think he bought that car for

'cos he realise this is respectable street

Now they talk about absorption

in cosmopolitan proportions to their daughters

as they speak of child prevention

And immaculate receptions on their portable

Sony entertainment centres.

Now she speak about diseases

and which proposition pleases best her old man

Avon lady fills the creases

when she manages to squeeze in past the caravans

that never move from their front gardens.

It's in the order of their hedgerows

it's in the way their curtains open and close

it's in the look they give you down their nose

all part of decency's jigsaw I suppose

Sunday church and they look fetching

Saturday night saw him stretching over our fence

bang the wall for me to turn down

I can see them with their stern frown

as they dispense the kind of look that says

they're perfect.

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