Xscape - Love On My Mind

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Verse One (LaTocha): Boy, I can't wait to get you alone, Inside my house. 'Cause baby it's you and only you, That I keep on thinking about. I know that you want it, How good my love could be. Tonight you will get the answer, I'll satisfy your curiosity. Bridge: (Tamika): Take me away in ecstasy, I want to know how it feels to be loved. Boy take your time because I have all night, I'm gonna show you how it feels to be loved. Chorus: I've got love on my mind, I knew it's the way to make things right, I think it's about that time. I got love on my mind, I'm in the mood to be moved, And do all the things you want me to. Verse Two (LaTocha): I've been watching you, And thinking to myself. You're looking so so def to me, And I'm feeling so sexy. You know I never felt this way before, I really can't help myself, 'Cause I'm thinking of nothing else. Repeat Bridge and Chorus (x2)

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