Xscape - Let Me Know

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Chorus: I got something for you, And I think you're sexy, And if you want me let me know. You ain't gotta spend no money, Just a little time with me honey, That will let me know you love me so. Verse One: (Kandi): There are so many things, That I want to talk to you about. Like do you want me, do you love me, 'Cause I have my doubts. (Tiny): I have a funny feeling, That you want me around for just one thing, To push your little ego, With the knowledge that I bring. Repeat Chorus Verse Two: (Tamika): You know that I want you, And I made it very clear. I would never ever hurt you, I'd never let you shed a tear. (LaTocha): The only thing I want to know, Do you feel the love for me. I'm not gonna keep on waiting, That's not how it's gonna be, You got to... Break: Let me know, I never knew that love could ever have me slipping. Let me know, I sit in my room thinking of you at night trippin'. Let me know, I never knew I would ever get caught caking. Let me know, And no man would ever have me shaky. Repeat Chorus to fade

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