Xscape - I Will

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I will always love you... Verse One (Kandi): You were the first to take my heart, Make me happy, at the same time make me cry, Show me a lot of things I never knew I had inside. Late night phone conversations of you, Telling me what you wanna do, Then we argue all night about who's been sleeping with you. Bridge (LaTocha): No matter what people say, It don't change the way I feel. And no matter how much we fuss and fight, I got to keep it real with myself. 'Cause as bad as I wanna leave, It's the hardest thing for me. I can keep trying to act like I don't care, But deep down inside I ain't going nowhere. Chorus: I will always love you, No matter how many things you do or say, Certain things just don't go away. (Repeat x2) Verse Two (Kandi): You were the first to see my body, body, Give me gifts and all kinds of real nice things. I used to tell you how much I loved you, And in return you would do the same. I've had so many lonely days, Ever since you upped and went away. I can't help but wonder where you're at, Hoping one day you'll be back baby. Repeat Bridge and Chorus Respectfully I say to you I'm aware that you're cheating, But no one, no one can make me feel the way you do. Repeat Chorus

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