Xscape - How Do You Love Someone

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Chorus: How do you love someone, Who really cares? How do you love someone, Who's always there? When you feel like going further, Will end up hurting each other. So how do you love someone, Who's a friend so dear? Verse One (Tiny): Feeling so alone, Calling you, please be at home. Baby where you go, I wish that I knew, but I don't. And there are feelings of love, That I feel inside for you. I wanna tell you tonight, But what if you don't feel the way I do. And I know what love can do, When the arrow points at you, But I'm so afraid to trust. Repeat Chorus Verse Two (LaTocha): The clock strikes nine, I'm hoping you'll be on time. So hard to cross that line, That holds us to the right time. 'Cause everything feels wrong, And I can't go on, like this. I've got to tell you tonight, I want you to tell me more what this feeling is. 'Cause I know what love can do, When the arrow points at you, Even though I'm afraid to love. Repeat Chorus Break (Kandi): I know you love me, Now my feelings just won't take on someone new. Look at my eyes and say the words, That make me wonder what to do. And I still believe that the angels are watching us, Oh I believe that you and me will be a plus, For ever and ever. Repeat Chorus to fade

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