Xhelazz, artistic name of Mario Celimendiz Rodellar, is a rapper and producer from Zaragoza.

His childhood was spent in the neighborhood of Zaragoza Delicias and went to high school where I highlight Salesians as a basketball player playing later in the official team of the city of zaragoza.es its inception began with hardcore beats and explicit lyrics.

Xhelazz employs technical and message; specializing in the use of resources such as metaphors, puns and sarcasm. In his later work is more thoughtful and methodical in his lyrics (rap consciousness).

He was a member of the group Empire (Olympus) and Cloak Company, has also collaborated with artists such as Tote King, R de Rumba or Rapsusklei & Hazhe, rapists of Verse, among others. After passing through the groups began his solo career as one of the most recognized mcs.