Xero Sum

Xero Sum - Wasted Away

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I fear the sun, I fear the moonlight I find my days wasting, wasting away I mourn alone, I live in silence I find my time wasting, wasting away The days they pass and years then follow I see that life's a bitch and then you die And from my dreams, I will awaken To find my life has wasted, wasted away Take me away from here and give me back my life Put me back at the start and force me to open up my eyes. My darkened room, I let in daylight I find the sun blinding to my eyes A mirrored wall, see my reflection And a face I can't recognize The tears I've cried and times that I tried My energy wasted, wasted away Cold and scared, weak and angry Forced to sit feeling myself dying And I have my regrets, all the things that I couldn't see For the times that I wept, all the anger inside of me... For the times that I begged you To slap me awake

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