Xero Sum

Gleaming with a presence that casts all preconceptions aside, Indianapolis-based Xero Sum offer a stirring, driving and determined approach to modern hard rock that’s remarkably captivating. As invigorating as it is entertaining, the fivesome’s sound and vision teems with an unpretentious charisma that’s strikingly magnetic. Something this encouraging deserves its day to shine.

Formed in early 2004 by drummer Gabe Senour along with guitarist Trinity Martin and since departed member Joe VanMeter, Xero Sum was soon completed by vocalist KJ Testin and bassist Brian Lewis. Together the group quickly established themselves with a notably explosive live show that garnered a considerable hometown following. Over the last three years the quintet has not only welcomed guitarist Dustin Green into the fold but also set their sights on developing an arsenal of songs with a powerful-yet-far-reaching appeal. This Concrete Heart, Xero Sum’s debut full-length, is the direct result of that aspiration.

Highlighted by Testin’s compelling appeal, the twelve-track effort sees her passionately weave stories ripped direct from personal journals. With hardly any sense of self-righteousness, she’s an open book of life’s ups and downs where even moments of tension, doubt and disillusionment always come with an underlying impression of hope. Adding to the feel of every song are Testin’s bandmates who provide swirling and surging sonics to match the lyrical muse.