Xero Sum

Xero Sum - Apology

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I know it won't be easy when I wake up To tell you that it's time for us to break up I know this won't be easy for you I'm not expecting you to understand It's not that I'm wanting a different man I know this won't be easy for you And maybe it's because you'd never let me fly And maybe it's because we never had our own lives But maybe, if we had something to talk about We'd have a reason to work it out But we have nothing at all I WROTE THIS SONG FOR YOU BUT YOU'RE NOT LISTENING It wasn't easy just to tell you what you mean to me I hope to God that you accept my apology You know I'm praying every day because I've caused you pain There's nothing I know you could say or do To stop me from saying that we're through There's nothing because it's not you. Although we know the dark will fall tonight The next day you'll see the sunrise Tomorrow will still come without me I know it's hard for you to see... You had to know we'd never work out What was it that always kept you holding on? And if you thought we'd ever work out I'm sorry I broke your heart Just so you know, mine is broken too... I wrote this song for you

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