Xena Warrior Princess The Bitter Suite movie

Xena Warrior Princess The Bitter Suite movie - Melt into Me/Let Go

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You're lost and confused but I understand<br>

This once beloved friend has been slain by your hand<br>

You feel all alone, betrayed and adrift<br>

But maybe her lost can be viewed as a gift<br>


Now I'll be your rock, your strength and support<br>

Your close confident with whom you can consort<br>

I know you completely<br>

Come melt into me<br>

Unleash the power of your destiny<br>


You've proved to yourself now that you've made the kill<br>

That you're just like me<br>

With as evil a will<br>

Our forces are meant to be merged into one<br>

The world will be panicked when our worked is done<br>


Let the music of war, with it's lustful refrain<br>

Arouse us to height with a passionate strain<br>


Imagine how awesome together we'd be<br>

So feel what I'm feeling<br>

Come melt into me<br>



Did that fill you glee<br>

To kill your little friend<br>

Did that ease your suffering?<br>

Or bring it to end<br>

Let go...<br>

All of your anger will poison you yet<br>

Unless you can just - let go<br>


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