Xena Warrior Princess The Bitter Suite movie

The Bitter Suite is the twelfth episode of the third season of the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. This episode is noted for being a rare musical episode of the series, combining both humor and drama. "The Bitter Suite" was nominated for two Emmy Awards. Regular series composer Joseph LoDuca was nominated for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for the song "The Love of Your Love" and LoDuca and lyricist Dennis Spiegel were nominated in the same category for the song "Hearts Are Hurting".

It was LoDuca's second and third nominations for the series out of a total of seven nominations, and one award, through the six-year run of the series.

In the episode Xena and Gabrielle are brought to the Land of Illusia, where they have to work together again, letting their past problems go, in order to escape alive. Xena and Gabrielle's enemy Callisto (Hudson Leick) is their guide and is aided by Ares and Joxer. Throughout the episode Xena and Gabrielle deal with the problems that had recently torn them apart and learn to focus on the stronger bond that brought them together in the first place.