X-Wild - Wild Frontier

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We're the people of the plains

We're the true Americans

Here we live and here we die

Our land

Come and face us, yellow hair

See our feathered pride

See how the red man stands

See how we die

Painted faces, battlecries

Watch out, white man, time to die

Painted faces, battlecries

Today you die

No more hunger, no more strife

No more fear, it's time to fight

No more running, time to stand

Life is precious, life is land

Fire and smoke rise in the sky

Our brothers come, their women cry

Eager young warriors sharpen their knives

The dance of death, fire in their eyes


And all the nations shall gather, from the Black Hills to the mighty

rivers: Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Shoshone, Cree, Cherokee,

Many warriors for the final battle

We shall overcome

We shall finally be free

We shall crush the white man

We shall regain our lands

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