X-Wild was formed on Running Wilds' shards, after that, Rolf 'Rock-n-Rolf' Kasparek dismissed Running Wild after album 'Pile of Skulls' in 1992. Musicians were inspired by Running Wild's fan-club who had gone with them from Kasparek, they decided to continue their work.

Stefan Schwarzmann, the drummer, he had played in UDO and in Running Wild before. Jens Becker, the bass-guitar, and Axel Morgan, the guitar, they both came from Running Wild. The question who will be a new vocal was taken off when they received demo-tape from unique growling-screaming vocal from Frank Knight, from England...

(In our opinion, this is one of the most main characteristic peculiarity of this band, the vocal is absolutely out of standard, but whereat it capitally sounds in the concept of the band, for their style, that they have played, we remind they have played power/speed).

In 1994 X-Wild released its first album 'So What!' that appeared on the Tricolor Music label. It has 12 tracks. This album was dedicated to Criss Oliva.

The next album 'Monster Effect' came out in 1995 and it had on its cover a Wild Knight - the hero of the same songname on the album. As it is known this album cover was painted by the artist who designed also Offspring's albums. Somebody says he was a X-Wild's admirer, but we can't comment it. This album came out in two releases: european release (11 tracks), and japanese release on the Victor label (12 tracks). 12th track is the Sex Pistols's Bodies cover.

After that, Stefan Schwarzmann returned to UDO and Grave Digger's ex-member Frank Ullrich came to the band as a new drummer.

In this team the band records its third and, unfortunately, the last album 'Savageland' that came out in 1996 in two releases: european release on Blue Merle label and japanese release on Victor label. There are 12 tracks on that album.

During the tour one of the band's promoters disappeared with all band's money. It resulted the decay of the dismissed to band. What a pity...

After the X-Wild's breakdown Jens Becker came to Grave Digger, where he plays now, Frank Knight according to rumors found oneself to some out-of-the-way bikes band and write lyrics for some major band in GB and Europe, and Axel Morgan was going to take part in common project with ex-Rage's guitarist, Manni Schmidt, but we couldn't hear anything more about their project, unfortunately.

Source: http://www.speed-n-power.com/xwhis.html