X-Wild - Scarred To The Bone

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I want to tell you a story

About a man who did die

And all he wanted from living

Was the chance to get high

So he set out to driving

To do his dealing and score

Well, he climbed up that mountain

Yeah, yeah, ha had to have more

He had to get high

Next step up the ladder

Was a needle so fine

Just a crack-headed buster

What better reason to fly

He had a wife and some children

And a Cadillac too

He's got his head down that spiral

There's nothing that we can do

He had to get high

So high

Let's get high


He's lying alone in the gutter at night

No friends to help him, nobody in sight

Done all his talking to angels alone

No hope in this life

When you're scarred to the bone

Y'know there's no death or glory

When you're riding the wind

Just the crash and explosion

Of your head giving in

Turning left at damnation

Turning right at the fire

In your veins there's a burning

For your quest to get high

He had to get high

So high

Let's get high

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