X-Wild - Monster Effect

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Dreams - what's haunting me

Fear - that's the key

I'm deader than a dog

With a rattlesnaking cough

My head's between my legs

I'm useless 'til I get my dreams

"They're eating me!"

I'm a living walking nightmare

A testament to fear and they're reaching out for me

There's something in my head

I want to close my eyes, but they're always

In there, messin' with my dreams

"They're eating me!"

I close my eyes with darkness all around

The shapes move in and pin me to the ground

I hear my screams and they're inside my head

I think I'm suffering from the monster effect

I'm asking for asylum

Somewhere in bedlam town

The sands of time have run out

Bleeding madness all behind

Please unlock this door

And leave the craziness behind

Say - goodnight - mind

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