X-Wild - Kid Racer

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Check it out boys, bet a load of these wheels

The colour is red, fast as it feels

400 Horses and 48 valves

A shit-kickin' mutha, burning tires

Kid racer

Hell raiser

Suck up the gas, foot to the floor

Engine is screaming, I gotta have more

It's people like you, I don't wanna be

Hey you over there, why are you looking at me?

Oh God

There's a devil in me, likes to race fast

Heaven knows, I know it won't last

And I don't care

Out of the fat and into the fire

Here comes the wall, I'm gonna get fried

Nobody cares what happens to me

And I don't care - I've been living free

You are I and I'm like you

And the man don't give a damn

We won't change, it's us that dies

And the man don't give a damn

Who cares? not me!

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