X-Wild - Heads Held High

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We've been done for metal

We got metal in our veins - hands held high

Got mayhem in our hearts

An it's tearing us apart - heads held high

We love the feel of leather

The coldness of the steel - hands held high

We are the metal warriors

Not seventh sons of whores - heads held high

We live our lives on energy

We've learned to take the pain - hands held high

Within denim, lace and dignity

We shout our name with pride - heads held high

We've got passion that's on overload

Our faith will never die - hands held high

So we scream it out for liberty

With fists up to the sky - heads held high

We are on a mission, A mission from god

We are army an true and strong

Our ranks will never break - hands held high

Our voices rend the universe

So loyal that it aches - heads held high

In legenday brotherhood

Just doing as we please - hands held high

They try so hard to bring us down

But never to our knees - heads held high

We'll fight our way through thick and thin

To hear the metal call - hands held high

No power on earth stands over us

That's why we stand so tall - heads held high

For those of you who do not hear

This sacred call within - hands held high

For sanity and metal's sake

This battle we will win - heads held high

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