X-Wild - Freeway Devil

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Fear of the devil, that's kept me alive

Now I have to answer, 'cause God's not on my side

I rode to Montana and California, too

Down to Arizona, yeah, yeah, that's where I met you

I hit the road, Chicago, It's time to meet the pack

I went down that other road, I ain't coming back

Kicked off at Detroit to meet the Brothers Grim

We went down in brotherhood, we're nwver giving in

We are the freeway devils, freeway devils

My bike's a temple and now I'm kicking ass

If you're looking for trouble yeah, yeah, yeah,

You'll find a heart attack

The sheriff came, pulled out his gun

" You betta get outa town & quot;

He read me the riot act, the dirty motherfuck

Gave me the third degree and now I'm outta luck

I ride with the devil, I ride with the wind

Nothing's gonna stop me

From riding to be free

40 days I was in the slam, 200 dollars light

I got myself an enemy, I got into a terrible fight

I got cut to pieces, yeah, but I'm an animal-mal

You should have seen the other guy

They put him straight in the can

They locked me up, threw away the key

They kicked my bike to shit

I'm never gonna get outa here, but I'm never givin' in

It's alright, it's alright

I'm a freeway devil and I'm feeling alright

It's alright, it's alright

I'm a freeway devil and I'm feeling alright

I want to be free and I'm free, I know I'm free

Just gotta be free, you know itÃs easy to be free

And I'm goddamn free

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