X-Wild - Field Of Blackbirds

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(The aftermath of the battle, the tears and the sadness!)

In the fields a blackbird cries

And another star has died

Mothers wail and search for sons

Brothers and the child

Do you see through

The mist and rain

The mourners

Have arrived

In the field of blackbirds

See our tears collide

In the field of blackbirds

They all cry

Will the dawn and the morning sun

Come and bathe us in her light

Hear the beat of a heavy drum

As another flower dies

Do you see through

The mist and rain

The evidence

Of lies

Through the eyes of a child

See the crosses of white

Watch a silent display

Field of blackbirds parade

Was it all in our minds

Was the reason so right

Did they all have to die

Field of blackbirds parade

And in the field a blackbird cries

Echoing a dying rose

Someone stands and makes his mark

On a grave with a broken heart

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