X-Wild - Dragonslair

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(The fighting and finally befriending of the mythical but very real dragon

Moroth. Ending in the showing by Moroth to Braveheart the power of the

Shield of Darkness and the foretelling of his coming to rule Savageland)

The wind and rain were allies

Fought the sweat upon his brow

And hunger was an enemy

The fear it stalked the ground

He gazed up at the mountain

To the dragonslair he crawled

And clutched his mighty hammer

To his breast that was so cold

In dragonslair

All alone in dragonslair

Im so alone

Alone in dragonslair

So heavy was his breathing

Remembering the myth

How mighty was the dragon

And Moroth he was called

The guardian of the shield

Of darkness was his role

And suddenly he saw the beast

How could he be so bold

Awakened from his slumber

Moroth spied him with one eye

Unfurled his wings with gaping mouth

A million teeth shone bright

Down and down he circled

So silent in his flight

The clash of steel on scaly skin

Resounded in the night

As Moroth saw the pendant

Around our heroes neck

A memory great eons old

Flashed suddenly in his head

"Reveal the Shield of Darkness"

The old ones they had told

To he who is the true one

And serve him in his quest

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