X-Wild - Dealing With The Devil

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I am the keeper, soul, heart stealer

I'll put a spell, a spell on you - voodoo

Dog's dinner, such a winner

I'll steal your life away

Black eyes, gambling your life

Hands down, a winning round

I've got the cards stacked high

You're dealing with the devil, that's no lie

No fear, the bad man's here

Yes, I'm your bogey man

I've got the power to survive

Hey, hey, dealing with the devil - I say

Hey, hey, you will be looser of the day

No time to fool around

Yeah, you're coming with me

It's time to lay your money down

Ace high, diamonds low

The spades are in my hands

You've been dealing with the devil

And you're mine

Just throw the cards down

You're coming with me, Jack!

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