X-Wild - Beastmaster

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You'd better lock up your daughters

Cause the beast is in town

You know that he's trouble

You'd better not be around - no way

He comes with his circus

He's got that evil intent

And he ain't got no clowns

Just a bagful of hate

And I got to tell ya, you know his name

He's the beastmaster - he gonna tame ya

He's the beastmaster - gonna whip ya into shape

He's the beastmaster - are you ready to give your life

He's the beastmaster - gonna rip you outa sight

He's got a pact with the devil

He's got to pay off his debts

A hundred town later

He's got time to collect

If you come after midnight

He will open the cage

Could you meet the beast

In his orgy of rage

I'm leaving this town

With a hell bloody trail

The corpses of conscience are consigned to hell

The road's up ahead, he will see you tonight

'Cause the beastmaster's coming

So get outa sight

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