X-perience - Magic Fields (album) lyrics

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magic fields

i've met the strangers at a place

more than a million miles away

they were so nice, so full of grace

i know they came from far away

now i'm walking on magic fields

i see the world is the only place to be

they took me to a foreign place

and then they thougt me to be strong

they told me not to go away

even if anything goes wrong

i love the world i wouldn´t leave

all the places we were born

i wait at midnight to receive

a final sign of their return


I am waiting for the night

drifting away

on the waves of my dreams

to another day

i am standing on the hill

and beyond the clouds

the wind is blowing still

and catching my doubts

A neverending dream

a dream of you

i believe i receive

a sign of you

tonite i wanna hide my feelings too

as you do

and i wanna be with you

I am hunting all the night

the slave to my dream

an illustrated scene

ascends in the steam

We're playing full of vice

our emotional game

I´m turning off my eyes

for hiding my shame

A never ending dream ...

I am watching all the flowers

dying away

in heated breath of live

at the dawning day

I am waking up in spring

and kissing your face

a sweaty burning thing

I feel your embrace


i'm looking for a mirror

to face my eyes

and realize

the beauty of youth

is the only thing worth having

i'm jealous of everything

whose beauty does not die

oh i'm jealous

of the picture the mirror

has painted

i beg for more

more than i can get

but i know i can't get by

with only a glance of my eye

beautiful day

its years since you've been leaving

the places we were born

i wake up i am receiving

a sign of your return

you gave me one good reason

to wait until you come

i'm waiting and i'm dreaming

we´re drowning in the sun

a beautyful day and a beautiful night

you drive me crazy when you hold me tight

i live my life so slow and

i'll walk while you will run

i slam the door behind me

the same way as you've done

the flowers you've planted

are growing in the light

they're waiting in the backyard

i visit every night

the roads i walked were winding

until you crossed my way

you gotta get back sometimes

and stay another day

you lead me to the backyard

to hold my body tight

i guess you'll be my lifeguard

you're always by my side

the moon

i left the light on

went out of my house

and sat on the stairs

the tv plays mtv

from somewere else

the moon will carry on

goin' up and down forever

the channel is changed again

a voice of a man

is telling the news

a hijacked plane

two children cryin' in the rain

the moon will never sacrifice

it's energy and light

the war in the east

is still goin' on

to kill anyone

a burning car

and bomb attacks in russia

circles of love

we dance in the desert

i feel a glance of your eye

the sun is burning on the sand

yearning bodies hand in hand

circles of love turn my head

i deserve and i'll get

all your lovin' tonight

and my fire will burn

innocence won't return

your face across the far sky

i loose myself in your eyes

i'm counting nights and days

waiting for the next embrace

i realize you drive

me crazy in my mind

love came face to face with life

all emotions in my mind

i try to cover try to hide

the night moved on

i went to a bar

to have a rest again

i saw him then

a smiling old man

came rushing in

he sat down close to me

and soon i could see

he's older than it seemes to me

and the night moved on and i got no sleep

his furrowed face

told a story of life

his restless eyes

kept his face alive

his face alive

his tanned skin did not tell of his age

i could see

he's older than it seemed to me

he left the bar

then he spoke to me

and i was captured

'cause now i could see

his way of life

he said little girl you'd better

do what you want

your life is too short to waste time

the sun

the sunrise in the east

every morning in my dreams

i turn the music on

and start to dance

with all my friends

the sun shines on my way

every night and every day

and takes the sorrows far away

so far away

the sunset in the west

every evening in my dreams

the party is going on

i love to dance

with all my friends

the sun shines on my way

every night and every day

a easy way of life

gonna make me dance

with all my friends

my life goes on

changes all around and everytime

and everything is changed in my head

i'm longing for a change

i wouldn't beg but for a change

i never will get

i spend my time in learning

everytime i learn i turn blue into red

my life goes on

i just wanna have fun

leaving shadows into the sun

i get in troeble with some friends of mine

they´ve told me there is no need to change

we quarrel it becomes a colder time

and now im freezing down to the bones

nothing changes but i've lost 2 friends

and that depends on changing myself

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