X Makeena

Makeena X was formed in 2001 and was noted by Breton programmers at a party at The Foutadawa Antipode in 2002. Follows a series of concerts in Britain (Transmusicales, Astropolis, Panoramas ...) gradually expanding to other French cities and Belgium .

After a torrid performance at Old Ploughs, X Makeena is invited to the Emerging Music Festival in Quebec and in the clubs of Toronto.
The group is already actively supported by the ATM (Transmusicales, Ubu). It is then programmed in the wake of the Beastie Boys before their public Trans Rennes. Follow the Trans Norway and Beijing in China.

Winner of the 2005 FAIR and Monte F├ędurok load,
Makeena X has more than 70 dates from 2005 to 2006 throughout France and Belgium, Bulgaria and Norway.

The show was played a hundred times until the end of 2008 and allowed the group to broaden its scope with a tour of India, Quebec, concerts in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Spain, Netherlands , Switzerland, Belgium ... During this tour, the musicians have conducted workshops introduction to MAO and beat-box.

After a year of preparation, X Makeena back on stage to present his new album as of September 25, 2009. The group creates a new show in Rennes Antipode and the Modern Garden with Puget Gildas to the staging, lights and Light Fx Mad Fab (Mix +) the sound.
New disciplines will be integrated for a show ever more innovative .