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X-Files Episodes movie - Beyond the Sea

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Song by Bobby Darin<br /><br>

Somewhere beyond the sea,<br>

Somewhere, waiting for me,<br>

My lover stands on golden sands<br>

And watches the ships that go sailing.<br>


Somewhere beyond the sea,<br>

She's there watching for me.<br>

If I could fly like birds on high,<br>

Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing.<br>


It's far beyond a star,<br>

It's near beyond the moon,<br>

I know beyond a doubt<br>

My heart will lead me there soon.<br>


We'll meet beyond the shore,<br>

We'll kiss just as before.<br>

Happy we'll be beyond the sea,<br>

And never again I'll go sailing.<br>


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